2019-2020 Les machines à remonter le temps with Paul-Emmanuel Odin and Yohan Dumas

Les machines à remonter le temps with Paul-Emmanuel Odin and Yohan Dumas

The revolution of the invention of the cinema did not consist in reproducing the real time, but in reversing it.

It is proposed in this workshop to create a collective creation around the theme Time machines: watching movies and discussions; reading of texts (science fiction, philosophy …); interdisciplinary creation with films, sounds, photography, volume-installation, conferences-public performances…

Reverse history

In this workshop it is proposed to re-read the films upside down, to reread the entire history of cinema in reverse, and since this bizarre question, that of the back of time. The first specialization of the film’s reverse, used since 1895 by the Lumière brothers with various films including the famous Démolition d’un mur, is the spectacular emblem of this philosophical reversal, which is far from being a simple trick. A large collection of documents (films, literary texts, video of artists, music …) is available. Each production will be thought about a collective final form that is the performative film, or session during which participants of all ages activate sounds, images, light … or other actions. Documentary essay, poetry, fiction, experimental … everything will be possible. Other forms will be experimented.

The workshop, one week a month with young people from the neighborhood, including one day a month in connection with other audiences of all ages, will be the opportunity, among others, to perform several performance sessions presented in public: the performance will be performed live with tools from either V-jing, either Max-msp, either other (the programmer artist Guillaume Stagnaro develop tools adapted to this presentation).

These performances can be presented as part of Manifesta for example, or in other settings.

Rejuvenation, reversion, reversal, reversal, regression, and even retrokinesis, narrative retrotemporality, time travel, back-to-back … are presented to us as so many different varieties from the back of time.

It is now a question of taking up and reversing the whole history of cinema, video and photography, literature and philosophy, music and making sense of new interconnections, of new short circuits between the signs of the back of time.


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