02.10.2019 – 30.06.2020 Feintes de corps with Morgan Patimo

Feintes de coprs with Morgan Patimo

Atelier drawing, sound, pictures, video, writing

from 7 to 12 years, all the year on Wednesdays from 14h to 16h, during the school period (the workshop will not take place during the holidays), from 2 October 2019
on registration: annual subscription starting from 1 €, and free participation by workshop

The body feint is a common technique in team sports. It requires a good reading of the game, listening to its partners: it is to pretend to go in one direction and then at the last moment to go the other way and so to deceive the opposing team to create spaces of games.

Since the beginning of 2019, Morgan Patimo has started drawing workshops in the company with the children of the secours populaire and Copains du monde.

From the drawing, the participants were led to decline their gestures in various fields of experimentation. The trait as a tensor of a will to do, a door to an alternative consciousness of our immediate environment.

Playgrounds for drawing

To draw is to project oneself into the world in which we live. It is a positioning that involves all our senses and requires the attention of our environment. It is often said that knowing how to draw is to know how to look. In this program of workshops spread over 24 sessions in the year, we will create play spaces by scanning the drawing from multiple angles. We will go into nooks and crannies of practice where drawing becomes almost immaterial, from the sketch of a gesture or the subtlety of a movement such as a feint, which can take us to new perspectives. Orchestrated drawing, drawing without pencil, drawing of shadow, drawing performative, cartoon, sketch outside … a practice of the drawing of bottom, that is to say, infiltrated in a familiar practice, which will be surprised by various interventions invited artists to nourish our reflections and our experiments of drawing.

These interventions will transform the whole year into a rhythmic sequence that relies on the production of a common project. The invited artists will propose the discovery of different techniques (micro edition, sound recording on magnetic tape, fiction writing, portrait photography ..) which, from their universe and fields of reflection, will serve as a basis for the collective work. We will cross with them the notion of alternative realities, fiction, improvisation, composition, illustration: ways to go that can be interesting to think a common project such as a performance, the edition of a book , a video, maybe all at the same time?
This workshop aims to stimulate the imagination of participants and their creativity from the drawing. He has something instinctive and immediate to offer us, and it is a place of freedom to seize. But there is also the look of afterthought, or aside, that brings a common reflection on our environment. Drawing is a language tool that is both singular, open, and moving; we seize its power to communicate freely with each other in a benevolent climate.


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