21.03.19 An evening with «Les hypersensibles»

Around the current exhibition
in partnership with Essaix-Aix, Esdmm-Marseille, Esatpm-Toulon, Villa Arson-Nice, ESBA-Nantes, ISBA-Besançon.
© visuals : Lara Dirani, Emma Bertin


The HYPERSENSIBLES exhibition brings together young artists recently graduated from several schools in the South (Essaix-Aix, Esdmm-Marseille, Esatpm-Toulon, Villa Arson-Nice), ESBA-Nantes, and ISBA-Besançon.

TheHYPERSENSIBLES people express better than anyone the desires, the tensions, the conflicts, the imaginaries of today.


Au programme de la soirée hypersensible :

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