2019-2020 Lire et manger le livre with Paul-Emmanuel Odin

Lire et manger le livre with Paul-Emmanuel Odin

an appointment every month

September 13 at the Alcazar
September 28, 2019 from 4pm to 6pm at la compagnie, followed by the closing pot of the exhibition 143 rue du désert
October 5, 2019 from 3pm to 5pm at l’îlot Velten for the 60th anniversary of the Contact Club
other dates in preparation



We love books so much that we eat them. We make cakes books, with printed cover on sugar. It is a way of questioning the always inavalable meaning (because alive) of poetics. Eating the unrepresentable and representing the inedible crisscross. The strangeness of edible books is the occasion of culinary and cultural rituals.

This culinary and cultural ritual is based on the idea that by eating books their content comes directly into our heads.

You want to cook and read an edible book? Make one of the recipes that you are given or do the one you want (in a rectangular mold preferably) Bring your cake to the company with the book you have chosen to read and eat We will print your cover on a sheet of sugar with food ink and make the edible book.

And we are waiting for you to read an excerpt from your book and eat it together.

Children who normally do not want to read suddenly can not help but want to read again and again!

To demystify books by orality (words and pastries)

This culinary and cultural ritual is aimed at an audience of 5 to over 100 years old. It is important that the group be heterogeneous, diverse, varied, with people not only of different ages but from different backgrounds, backgrounds, and classes. This multiplicity will be reflected in the choice of books that will be as different as possible from each other.

The ritual is prepared for a week to ten days, with the question addressed to the public: what book do you want to read and eat? Everyone can participate, even, and most importantly, people who do not read, who do not know what to read. Precisely, the question – curious, strange – makes it an opportunity other than just reading: it will be a question of reading, and of eating, that is, of living.

To live the reading, such is the idea precisely. Rediscover reading, through collective reading. When a person does not know which book to read, we help him to choose, we inquire according to the type of book desired to find the one that will please. During the preparation, it is also asked the question: what taste will the book that you read? what recipe do you imagine for eating your book, or someone else’s book?


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