09.07.18-06.10.18 Zahia Rahmani, Rose Lowder, Simon Poëtte, et un hommage à l’éditeur Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens Sismographies

Zahia Rahmani, Rose Lowder, Simon Poëtte, et un hommage à l’éditeur Paul Otchakovsky-Laurens
opening july 9th 19:00

exhibition from 9h  july to 14 july 2018 14.00-19.00 during FID
exhibition from 31th august to 6th october 2018 from wednesday to saturday  15.00-19.00 – free entrance

in partnership with FID Marseille – thanks to INHA, Jean-Paul Hirsch


The exhibition Sismographies highlights movements that allow us to see the world differently. We are first immersed in a multiprojection designed by Zahia Rahmani dedicated to emancipation struggles through a selection of some 900 covers, photographs and texts from non-European cultural magazines. Next, la companie with the FID pays homage to Paul Otchakovsky Laurens who envisioned his publisher practice similar to that of a filmmaker. Then Rose Lowder’s film bouquets propose vibrations of images made of elements of nature and other intrusions as to amplify their multitudes. And finally Simon Poëtte looks at recordings of a young soldier in activity in what would be a desert territory.


Seismography of Struggle brings to New York a kaleidoscope of non-European critical and cultural journals, including those from the African, Indian, Caribbean, Asian, and South American diaspora. A critical and cultural journal, is, through its hybridity, its mobility and its precarious existence, a pure object of colonial experience. By its nature, it is a laboratory of modernity. In the wake of revolutionary movements of the end of the 18th century and up to the watershed year of 1989, they were often born out of urgency and necessity. The populations of the territories who represent themselves in this sound and visual work experienced colonialism, slavery, Apartheid, and genocides.  The show’s montage of images and sounds, covers, texts, and portraits of foundational figures, as well as the key words and key discursive and graphic strategies for liberation, reverberate across the 800 images featured in Seismography of Struggle.


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