7.03.19 -20.04.19 HYPERSENSIBLES, 23 artists

7 march · 19:00
exhibition open from Wednesday to Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm – free participation – other visits by appointment

in partnership with Essaix-Aix, Beaux-Arts de Marseille-ESADMM, Esatpm-Toulon, Villa Arson-Nice, ESBA-Nantes, ISBA-Besançon.

© visuels : Lara Dirani, Emma Bertin


with Aurore Balsa – Joël Bancroft-Richardson – Victoire Barbolosi – Emma Bertin – Julien Bourgain – Julien Carpentier – Nour Cheddade et Tom Dunbar – Pierre Combelles – Matteo Demaria – Lara Dirani – Eva Faloux – Sara Fiaschi – Théo Jossien – Quentin Lacroix – Yusha Ly – Clémence Mimault et Daniel Mitelberg – Anaïs Nisimov – Sandy Ott – Morgana Planchais – Mathieu Van Herzeele – Chloé Vivien


The exhibition brings together young artists newly graduated from several schools in the South (Essaix-Aix, Esdmm-Marseille, Esatpm-Toulon, Villa Arson-Nice), from the ESBA-Nantes, and from the ISBA-Besançon.

Hypersensitivity does not mean sentimentality. Here, it may be like a hypersensitive area, dangerous, explosive, sensitive, secret. Our area, our neighborhood, our city, our hypersensitive weather.
Hypersensitive, in the plural, is a band of hypersensitive people who together make hypersensitivity a bonfire, a feast, a disaster, a diluted time, a kaleicoscope, a mystery, a hoax.


The evenings associated with the exhibition (performances, projections, etc.):

– Thursday, March 7 · 6 pm, opening
– Thursday, March 21st · 7 pm an evening with the hypersensitive, performances, projections, concerts …



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